The Mammoth Cave Railroad

David Crockett Sr., Jerry's father.

David Crockett Sr., Jerry's father.

Jerry remembers going with his father as a young child to get on the nonfunctional Mammoth Cave train and pretending that he was an engineer.

The Mammoth Cave Railroad was in operation approximately from 1887 until 1926. Jerry’s father, David Crockett Sr., grew up on the ridge near Mammoth Cave and remembered being excited when the train would come up and chuck, steam, and smoke. One penny was a round trip fair from Park City (at that time known as Glasgow Junction) to Mammoth Cave, bringing distinguished guests from across the country to visit.

During this time one penny was not a lot, even as it is worth even less today. Yet, many children in the community still wouldn’t have a penny to spend on a train ride. So, sometimes if the conductor was in a good mood and didn’t have a lot of passengers, he occasionally let them ride for free. It was fun for the children to go on a train ride in their free time

The train ceased operation before Jerry was born so he never received the opportunity to actually ride on it.

In more recent years, the train has been damaged by too many people exploring it. It is now available to be looked at, but not touched in order to protect the structure. It is still a popular tourist attraction at Mammoth Cave.

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