Educational Resources

The following are excellent educational resources featuring the Bransford family and their dedication to Mammoth Cave. The profit from these will not benefit the memorial project. 


Making Their Mark

The Signature of Slavery at Mammoth Cave
The lives and loves of slaves who served the Mammoth Cave Estate have long been some of Mammoth Cave's best kept secrets. By 1840, the most affluent of travelers ventured into the cave's darkness, following young men who were themselves bound by slavery, a conflicted institution struggling to continue in Kentucky and Southern states. Abolition, the Civil War and emancipation evolved both above and below ground for the Mammoth Cave community. The era left a legacy forged by men like Stephen Bishop, Mat and Nick Bransford, Ed Bishop, Bob Lively and Ed Hawkins--the children of slavery who grew up to lead men and women of all nations They led them into the majestic, mysterious and sometimes frightening labyrinth called Mammoth Cave. 

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A Way to Wonder

Exploration is really the essence of the Human Experience.     
Frank Borman

Mammoth Cave: A Way to Wonder is a documentary about the untold stories of Mammoth Cave National Park.

They are the tales of exploration and discovery beginning with pre-historic Native Americans ten thousand years ago, to the ongoing explorations by scientists today. WKYU-PBS was given unprecedented access to parts of the cave and park that few see.

This special edition disc contains the hour long documentary and over 15 minutes of behind the scenes stories and footage not seen in the program.  Travel with us into Mammoth Cave National Park and discover why it is truly A Way to Wonder.


Jerry Bransford Discusses Family Legacy

In this video, Jerry Bransford remembers visiting Mammoth Cave National Park as a child with his family.


Black Guides of Mammoth Cave

A Documentary - preliminary interviews
Some clips from preliminary interviews for "The Black Guides of Mammoth Cave" documentary fundraiser to appear on Indiegogo, running from February 14 to April 1, 2014. The clips include segments by Jerry Bransford, Roger Brucker, and Sandra Gorin.