Jerry Bransford’s dream is to build a memorial in the Bransford cemetery at Mammoth Cave as a tribute to all the past slave guides and the entire Bransford family, especially Mat and Nick. He also would like to pass on his stories and memories to his future descendants utilizing the cemetery and memorial. The cemetery would become a place for those who visit to remember a section of Mammoth Cave’s history.



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Burdened. Brave. Bransford.

The Bransfords bore the pain of slavery; wore their plight proudly and became the most powerful slave guides at Mammoth Cave.They weren't just guides, they were explorers. They explored the caves endlessly alongside Stephen Bishop. These guides led prestigious individuals such as General George Custer, Kings and Queens, and some of the best-educated geologists and scientists in the world.


Visit the Cemetery

Over 19 members of the Bransford family and other slave guides have been laid to rest at Mammoth Cave. Their cemetery has been otherwise known as the “Bransford Family Cemetery.” 

Members buried include Henry Bransford (son of Mat) and his wife Alice as well as multiple children and babies. 


How can you help?

Funds are currently being raised to erect a monument containing all the names of the former cave guides that paved the way for future generations. The names of known individuals buried in the cemetery will be inscribed in it.